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Ali Alhomidan

CEO of Gulf Payments Company

Ali Alhomidan is the CEO of Gulf Payments Company. Before his joining, Alhomidan was the manager of different departments at the Saudi Central Bank “SAMA”, such as; Banking Policy Dept., Payment Systems Oversight. He also supervised the payment systems collaterals and payment systems risks.

During his work with SAMA, Alhomidan participated and managed establishing and designing various banking systems such as; SARIE system, IBAN project, Gulf payments systems integration. He also participated in developing local and international banking regulations in payment systems. He represented SAMA in different committees such as; The Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) as a member participated in developing the Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures (PFMI). He also represented SAMA in Capital Markets committee CPMI-IOSCO and Payments Committee for Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab Monterey Fund. Alhomidan was a World Bank Group member for building the foundation and standard for regional payment systems and its integration. He also participated in assessing payment systems in different countries in collaboration with Global Bank.

Alhomidan holds a master’s degree in Science of Information Systems from American University, Washington D.C., and different training programs such as Products Development from Harvard Business School, Executive Leadership for Senior Managers from Deutsche Bank – New York, and Foster Business School in Washington State.

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