The path to advanced financial and economical integration among the GCC

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Onboarding Approach

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To ensure the safe and efficient onboarding of all financial institutions.

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Tried and tested processes using the latest technology to onboard all banks and financial institutions as participants.

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To onboard all the financial institutions in the GCC region.

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Onboarding Window

Open all the days in the year for onboarding with an agreed plan with National Central banks.

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Onboarding Support Team

The Gulf Payments Company team will manage onboarding activities and provide the necessary support regarding the banks and financial institutions onboarding program.

Onboarding Phases

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Key requirements to join AFAQ

A financial institution will:

  • Hold a local settlement account with their respective National central bank.
  • Member of the Domestic RTGS of their respective National central bank.
  • Comply with AFAQ service requirements.
The onboarding process guide