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Gulf Payments Company Holds a Virtual Webinar Titled “AFAQ Cross-Border Service between GCC Countries”


The Gulf Payments Company held a virtual webinar under the title ” AFAQ Cross-Border Service between GCC Countries” on Thursday, January 27, 2022, for an hour and a half, with the presence of more than 800 participants from the representatives of Gulf Central Banks and the Commercial Banks.

This initiative comes within the activities carried out by the company to introduce the services it provides to all its beneficiaries. The webinar discussed a number of topics including an overview of the Gulf Payments Company and its role in operating the Gulf Payments System “AFAQ”. In addition, the role of “AFAQ” in enabling end-to-end interoperability and enhancing cross-border payments.

For the content covered during the webinar, visit the following link:
AFAQ Cross-Border Service between GCC Countries
Welcoming Remarks Speech – CEO